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Why you shouldn’t use a free website builder

There are some incredible options available for building a modern website - and as technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace, they are also plentiful. Choice is usually no bad thing, unless you aren’t exactly sure of what you need or want - in which case,...

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Optimise your WordPress Website

How to Optimise your WordPress Website WordPress is an incredible platform to build or develop your website on – at the time of writing approx 30% of the world’s websites were being powered by WordPress – that’s a lot of websites! There are a lot of ways to optimise...

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Investing beyond finance – how to work with a creative.

Sometimes creatives can be difficult people to work with. They often think outside of the box - partly through habit; often through necessity. In my 12 years of working in creative environments I’ve noticed a few habits of working with creative people, and the...

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Wondering by Wandering

I never thought of myself as much of a traveller. I had friends who were clearly determined to be anywhere but where they actually were, but I always thought of myself as being tied to home. That's not the way things have worked out in my working life however,...

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