Who I Am

My name is Roddy Mackay and I’m a freelance creative.

While I’ve spent the last ten years working as a photographer, my background has always been in broader creative communication.

In early 2016, at the suggestion of a few of my regular photography clients, I took a sidestep and established Tentmaker Creative, bringing creative communications to clients large and small.



What I Do

I work alongside a wide variety of clients of all sizes to help them consider some of the challenges of communicating effectively.

I then help you to look at some of the opportunities – consider it a fresh set of eyes.

After that I’ll advise what you can do next, what I can take on to help you, and when necessary, where else you need to look for extended support.


How I Do It

I bring together a range of skills, helping you to create communications that stand out.

Where I think the task needs it. I may suggest bringing in some extra support – such as designers or videographers, – working to make sure I can give you the very best results on a personal contact.

It’s my aim to help you develop concepts and then bring those concepts to life.

Some of the clients I’ve worked alongside

We have worked with Roddy for a number of years now and are very pleased with the quality of work that he has helped us achieve.

Alongside Roddy’s photography skills we have found a creative consultant that is multi-talented and has a great understanding for how our industry works.

We count ourselves lucky that Roddy has a great appreciation for our work and how we wish to be perceived in the market place.

Ben O'Gorman

Marketing Manager, Bairds Malt

Bairds Malt

I was initially commissioned by Bairds Malt to shoot a set of new images for promotion of their new range of malts that were due to be launched into the US Brewing and Distilling Market.

After initiating the photography it became apparent that Bairds had a wider scope of work to be undertaken, to include designing a new brand to support the new range of malts, the delivery of marketing collateral to support the brand development, and assistance in establishing the Bairds brand in new and existing markets.

As the oldest Malting company in Scotland, Bairds story of passion and heritage has been a privilege to tell.

Project Elements Include:

  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Advert Concepts
  • Design
  • Sourcing Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Support

Roddy has created an exciting new image for our business with innovative logos and professional handouts that have received great reviews from our customers and help promote our business.

We’ve loved what he’s achieved with us so far, and the fact our customers are noticing is great news to us!

Marj Paul

Accounts Manager, A&I Quality Butchers

A&I Quality Butchers

A&I approached me to help them think about developing a new brand identity for their Highland Butchers shops in Inverness.

Working alongside the team at A&I and Catriona at CreativeClog design, we produced a range of concept boards, before committing to a final design.

I then arranged for supply of a range of files in various file formats, ready for stage two of A&I’s brand development.

The branding is now being rolled out in store and across a range of printed and digital marketing materials.

Project Elements Include:

  • Brand Development
  • Concept Creation
  • Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Support
judy laing photography logo

I’ve really appreciated Roddy’s fresh set of eyes as we’ve looked to develop my new webite together. As well as helping me make things look good, he’s been really helpful at helping me consider things I wouldn’t otherwise have known – I can’t wait to get my new website online.

Judy Laing

Photographer, Judy Laing Photography

Judy Laing Photography

Judy was looking to overhaul her current wordpress website – having identified a range of changes she would like it make, and functionality that she hoped to introduce. Her previous website was also not fully mobile responsive, meaning that she was missing out on a range of potential clients being able to easily find and utilise her services.

Project Elements Included:

  • Brand Refinement
  • WordPress Overhaul
  • WordPress Training
  • Website Build

How can I help you?

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Who We Are

We work with individuals, organisations and businesses to help them work through their communications in a creative way.

We often partner with other creative professionals to bring projects to life, designed with end purpose in mind and an aesthetic quality in print and online.

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