We work across a range of platforms, but specialise in WordPress website development

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What Is Tentmaker Creative?

Tentmaker Creative is a small but personal creative agency that provides a range of creative services to help you tell your story. We build websites, create content, work with social media and develop resources that can help to make your communications look good, and work well. While web design and photography are the main components of our workload, we also work across a range of other disciplines to help bring your story to life. When needed we can also suggest a range of other creative professionals to help deliver the resources you need on time, and on budget.

Who Is Tentmaker Creative

Tentmaker is run by Roddy Mackay, a creative freelancer with 14 years’ experience of working in creative communications.

Working with a range of other creative professionals, Tentmaker helps guide you through your communications projects, specialising in WordPress web development.

We believe that effective communications are all about making your resources work together, and supporting one another. While key assets such as a strong website, great writing or outstanding visuals are valuable – they are more effective when working in tandem.

We build websites that look good, and work well – because who wants one and not the other? We also support clients in seeing the bigger picture, working with social media, brand identity, marketing, design and visuals.

How we can Help

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Web Development

More than just a website, I build sites with purpose in mind, to help your site stand the test of time.

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Images that educate and engage your audience. Photography is one of my cornerstone services.

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Content Creation

Creating content that helps you get your message heard, aiming to  always stay one step ahead of the story.

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Online and offline, I work with a range of designers to help bring the concepts to life, in print, and in digital.

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Social Media

Social Media training and guidance, helping you understand the channels, and which one is best for your message.

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Creative Concepts

Helping you develop ideas and concepts that help you get your message across.

What we’ve been working on

The Tentmaker Process

Learn the Environment

Clear communications starts with knowing what you want to say, and who you’re trying to say it to.

By working to understand your environment I can better advise you on how to get your message out, and heard.

Research takes time – but it’s one of your best investments.

See the Bigger Picture

Communicating in the 21st century is rarely about doing one thing well.

Working accross a variety of platforms and trying to engage multiple audiences can be hard work.

I’ll help you develop a plan to bring your communications into one bigger picture, with each piece of the jigsaw working to support the other.

Solutions, Sourced

Helping bring your ideas to life through a creative approach.

I’ll work through a variety of options to explain how we can bring some of your ideas into a reality.

Working across a range of platforms I’ll create the finished work or help connect you to other creatives who can.

How can I help you?

If you're ready to start your project I'd be happy to help. Get in touch via the form below.

Who We Are

We work with individuals, organisations and businesses to help them work through their communications in a creative way.

We often partner with other creative professionals to bring projects to life, designed with end purpose in mind and an aesthetic quality in print and online.

Where to Find Me

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